BLUe-CAT Synergy is the complete assessment system that manages an audit programme from the planning matrix to completion and close out of the findings.

  • supplies checklist templates to carry out audits
  • sentences the answers to the checklist questions with a traffic light system
  • raises and manages NCR’s and OFI’s to completion.

It has the capability to publish different formats of reports at any time, including drafts during the audit.

The audits can be desktop; mobile, carried out from a laptop, or, using a robust hand held device to carry out field operation audits, inspections or assessments.

It is completely paperless with a complete audit trail.

Integrated into the management system.

Built from our years of experience, BLUe-CAT provides you with the complete solution to your specific assessment needs it:

  • Helps your organisation to ‘Raise the Standard’
  • Reduces your costs whilst freeing up your resources
  • Demonstrates improved efficiency through a totally professional application
  • Can replace your existing assessment procedures and processes

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